Alpine Animal Hospital is proud to offer nail trimming services, though our approach to this seemingly easy task is somewhat different. The last thing we want to do is stress out our patients, yet one of the most stressful things for patients is getting their nails trimmed.

With that being said, we now approach nail trims based on how the patient responds to it.

If they are fairly calm, the nail trims tend to be quick and stress free, therefore we do not need additional help.

If they are timid, they will automatically be in a negative state of mind and may not be as cooperative with our staff. In cases like this we will NOT push through the nail trim, we will STOP rather than stress the patient out more.

If it takes more than the regular amount of staff (normally 2 persons) to do the nail trim an additional cost may be associated with the nail trim, the reason for this is not only does it take more people to hold/help with the nail trim, it also increases the chances of either the patient, a staff member or both being injured.

We want every aspect of our services to be a positive experience for both our clients and our patients. we are hoping that our new system for nails trims will do just that.


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